Skywatcher Telescope Evostar 150 ED OTA

CHF 2'499.00

Skywatcher 150mm F/1200 ED Apochromatic Refractor Telescope

Apochromatic refractors produce the sharpest and highest quality images of all telescope systems thanks to their shadow-free, textbook-like diffraction pattern. The Skywatcher high-end Evostar 150ED Apo refractor contains a doublet lens with a lens made of particularly low-index ED glass and a matching crown glass element. Each glass-air surface of the optics has been given an exotic, metallic anti-reflection coating to achieve a high, maximum light transmission of 99.5%! The groundbreaking Skywatcher “Metallic High-Transmission Coating” (MHC) is the highest quality optical lens coating in its class. A 0.85x reducer / corrector tailored to the telescope is also available as an optional accessory. Lens diameter: 150mm Tube length: 1280mm Focal length: 1200mm ( f/8) Dual-Speed 11:1 2” Crayford focuser Tube rings & 45mm Skywatcher / Vixen standard dovetail bar Solid aluminum carrying case !Power supply and batteries are not included!

Shipping weight 28.00kg
Shipping size 150x37x47cm
Design apochromatic refractor
Focal length (mm) 1200
Aperture (mm) 150
Focal ratio f:8.0
Focuser Dual Speed 2” Crayford with 11:1 reduction ratio
Tube weight (kg) 9.50

Deliveries over the festive period

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