Skywatcher Telescope Esprit 150 ED Professional

CHF 6'559.00

Skywatcher F/7 Super Apo Triplet refractor telescope

Telescope Optics: We are proud to present the new Skywatcher Professional Esprit 3-Element ED Apochromatic 150mm Refractor Telescope. They are refractor telescopes of the highest quality with an optical performance that matches the leading, comparable devices from the well-known and famous high-end manufacturers. The Esprit Super Apo Triplet telescopes were designed for the demanding astrophotographer, but are also excellently suited for visual observation. The premium, superbly corrected optical system delivers high-contrast, full-of-detail images with no perceptible chromatic aberration, even when observing the brightest objects. The 3″ LPF focuser allows a high payload of 5 kg without shifting when focusing. The 11:1 reduction enables exact focusing even with critical objects. Scope of delivery: 150mm triplet Super ED Apo telescope 3″ linear power focuser with 11:1 reduction with 2″ and 1.25″ adapter 2″ star diagonal eyepiece: 28mm 2″ LET 9×50 finder 90° with upright and right-sided image tube rings mounting rail 150mm 3- Element Super ED Apo with 1 Ohara-FPL-53 and 2 Schott glass lenses Transport case! Power supply and batteries are not included!


weight 35.7kg

size 130x56x55cm
Design apochromatic triplet ED refractor
Focal length (mm) 1050
Aperture (mm) 150
Aperture f:7
Focuser 3″ linear power focuser with 11:1 reduction
Tube weight (kg) 14.70

Deliveries over the festive period

jupiter planet gas giant

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