Skywatcher Telescope Quattro 8S

CHF 765.00

Skywatcher 205mm F/4 Dual Speed Photo Newton Telescope with parabolic mirror

The telescope optics: The new Skywatcher Quattro Newtonian telescope series with the fast f/4 aperture ratio was specially developed for high-quality astrophotography with short exposure times. But they are also fine telescopes for visual observation. The tube is equipped with screens with very sharp edges on the inside, which have been adapted to the beam path. The 2″ linear power focuser with gear reduction contains 4 precise ball bearings to guide the drawtube stably and without shifting, even with heavy accessories. The ball bearings allow, better than a rack and pinion, the particularly soft adjustment with great precision. The 10:1 gear reduction on the second focusing knob allows a very fine adjustment, which is also suitable for the demanding user. The telescope is made with a parabolic mirror made of Pyrex, which has a low thermal expansion and thus enables faster cool-down times. Scope of delivery: 8″ Newtonian telescope with steel tube 9×50 finder Parabolic 205mm primary mirror made of Pyrex 2″ dual speed 10:1 linear power focuser Pipe rings and mounting rail! Power supply and batteries are not included in the scope of delivery!


weight 12.6kg

size 80x40x45cm
Type Photonewton / reflecting telescope
Focal length (mm) 800
Opening (mm) 205
Aperture f:4
Focuser 2″ linear power focuser with 10:1 reduction
Tube weight (kg) 9.40

Deliveries over the festive period

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