Skywatcher Telescope Explorer 150PL OTA

CHF 225.00

Skywatcher 150mm (6″) F/1200 Newton mirror telescope

The telescope optics: The Skywatcher Explorer-150PL Newtonian telescope is an excellent choice for the aspiring astronomer as well as for the interested beginner. It features a large 150mm aperture combined with the superb parabolic optics. With its larger focal length (f/8) it enables a higher magnification than the f/5 version (Explorer-150P) with the same eyepiece focal length. It delivers excellent performance when observing the moon, planets, nebulae, galaxies, star clusters and close double stars. Scope of delivery: 150mm Newtonian telescope 6×30 viewfinder Eyepieces: 10mm & 25mm 2x Barlow lens with camera adapter! Power supply and batteries are not included!

Shipping weight 10.2kg
Shipping size 125x40x35cm
Design Newtonian / Reflecting Telescope
Focal length (mm) 1200
Aperture (mm) 150
Focal ratio Q:8
Focuser 1.25″
Tube weight (kg) 6.40

Deliveries over the festive period

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