Skywatcher Telescope SkyMax 150 Pro OTA

CHF 855.00

Skywatcher 150mm (6″) F/1800 Maksutov Cassegrain telescope tube

The telescope optics: This Skywatcher Maksutov Cassegrain telescope is very compact for its aperture and powerful and with its high-resolution multi-coated optics it is suitable at medium to high resolution for discovering surface details on the moon as well as for observing planets and double stars, it shows but also brighter deep sky objects. In addition, it can also be used very well for nature observation. Scope of delivery: 150mm Maksutov Cassegrain telescope 9×50 viewfinder 2″ diagonal eyepiece: 28mm 2″ LET mounting rail! Power supply and batteries are not included!


weight 7.7kg

size 64×25.5x27cm
Type Maksutov Cassegrain / reflecting telescope
Focal Length (mm) 1800
Aperture (mm) 150
Aperture ratio f:12
Focuser primary mirror focusing with 2″ eyepiece connection
Tube weight (kg) 5.30

Deliveries over the festive period

jupiter planet gas giant

Thank you for your understanding.

T. Kaderli