Skywatcher telescope Explorer 300PDS with EQ6-R GoTo mount

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Skywatcher 305mm (12″) F/4.9 Dual-Speed Newtonian telescope with parabolic mirror with EQ6-R SynScan mount

The telescope optics: The new Skywatcher Explorer-300PDS Newtonian Reflector telescope includes the same excellent optics as the Explorer-300P Black Diamond series, but with two key improvements. A 10:1 gear reduction focuser was used for greater focusing precision, and the tube was slightly shortened to improve performance in primary focus photography. Even better performance can be achieved when using the Skywatcher Newtonian coma corrector (No. 20233) for both visual astronomical observation and photography. The mount: The new, computer-controlled EQ6-R PRO Synscan™ telescope mount is the impressive, evolutionary further development of a legend that represents the EQ6 PRO. The modern, optimized design of the EQ6-R PRO includes new equipment details that will immediately convince experienced astrophotographers: Increased payload of 20 kg for astrophotography Belt drive for minimal “backlash” – particularly quiet and smooth operation and better results when “guiding” , as well as higher torque of the drive Improved pole height adjustment with a larger adjustment range (5° to 65°) Built-in “SNAP” camera control connection PPEC worm gear and periodic worm error correction function (makes the constant new training of the drive unnecessary) Integrated carrying handle for convenient transport The enclosed The computer-controlled Synscan™ hand control allows the telescope to be aimed at a specific object and offers tours of the current night sky with just the push of a button. The user-friendly menu system allows automatic tracking of over 42,000 astronomical objects in the night sky with its extensive database. Scope of delivery: 300mm Newtonian telescope 9×50 viewfinder 2″ focuser with 10:1 reduction and 1.25″ adapter Eyepiece: 28mm 2″ LET EQ6-R mount Tripod with 2″ stainless steel legs and storage plate Combined telescope mount for 3″ and Sky-Watcher/Vixen Standard dovetail rails SynScan V.5 Hand control box/cable Counterweight rod 18mm 240mm length + 180mm length 2 pieces 5 kg counterweights Pole finder scope Autoguiding connection! Power supply and batteries are not included!

Shipping weight 35.1kg / 42kg
Shipping size 157x54x54cm / 46x46x25cm / 54x64x30cm / 117x27x27cm
Type Newtonian / reflecting telescope
Focal length (mm) 1500
Opening (mm) 305
Aperture f:4.9
Focuser 2″ Crayford focuser with 10:1 reduction
Tube weight (kg) 24.50
Type : Equatorial mount
GoTo: yes
Max. Visual payload (kg) 20.00
Total mount weight (kg) 34.80

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