Skywatcher telescope Startravel 80 AZ3

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Skywatcher 80mm (3.1″) F/5 refractor telescope with Azimuth AZ3 mount

The telescope optics: The ideal telescope from Skywatcher for wide-field observation of deep sky objects, including nebulae, star fields, star clusters and galaxies, the moon, brighter planets and comets, but also terrestrial observation during the day when used together with a 1, 25″ Amici Prisma (optionally available) is used. This wide field telescope with its short tube can also be used with a fixed aperture for astrophotography or terrestrial photography. Its fast focal ratio makes it ideal for photography of the moon and solar eclipses as well as nature photography. The telescope mount: The intuitive and easy-to-use azimuthal AZ3 mount offers high stability and precise control of the telescope via two flexible adjustment shafts in horizontal and vertical direction. Box contents: 80mm refractor telescope Sky-Watcher AZ3 mount Red dot finder 1.25″ star diagonal eyepieces : 12.5mm & 26mm Plössl Direct DSLR Camera Connection 2x Barlow lens Aluminum tripod with shelf !Power supply and batteries are not included in the scope of delivery!


weight 9.6kg

size 95x44x24cm
Type of achromatic refractor
Focal length (mm) 400
Opening (mm) 80
Aperture f:5
Focuser 1.25″
Tube weight (kg) 1.80
Type Azimuth manual mount AZ3
Max. Visual payload (kg) 5.00
Total mount weight (kg) 3.90

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