Skywatcher Telescope Startravel 102 AZ5

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Skywatcher telescope refractor Startravel 102mm on azimuthal manual AZ5 mount

The ideal, uncomplicated mount to always have with you, both for convenient and simple visual astronomical observation, as well as for terrestrial observations during the day! Bundled with a 102 mm Startravel102 refractor telescope. The azimuthal AZ5 Deluxe mount was made of solid cast aluminum for smaller telescopes weighing up to 5 kg, which can be easily attached with a Vixen / Skywatcher standard dovetail rail. However, you can also use other devices with an optionally available L-holder. It comes with an aluminum tripod that can be locked at any height and a short extension column. Also included are two flexible shafts for actuating the fine reduction gears. You can also manually move the mount in each axis for quick horizontal and vertical panning. The Startravel102 refractor is a two-lens, air-spaced achromat and therefore well suited as a “rich-field” telescope for observations of comets, star fields, star clusters, nebulae, bright galaxies and bright planets, as well as the moon and the sun (only with a suitable, safe filter !) Scope of delivery: Azimuthal AZ5 mounting head Extension column 2 flexible shafts Aluminum tripod Startravel102 refractor telescope 6×30 finder telescope 1.25″ star diagonal 10 mm & 25 mm eyepiece! Power supply and batteries are not included in the scope of delivery!

Shipping weight 11.60kg
Shipping size 100x43x26cm
Design Achromat / Lens Telescope
Focal length (mm) 500
Aperture (mm) 102
Focal ratio f:4.9
Focuser 2″ rack and pinion extension
Tube weight (kg) 2.60
Type Azimuthal manual mount
Max. Visual payload (kg) 5.00
Max. Payload photographic (kg) 5.00
Total mount weight (kg) 4.90

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