Skywatcher telescope Heritage 114P Virtuoso

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Skywatcher 114mm (4.5″) F/500 parabolic Newtonian telescope with automatic tracking

The telescope optics: The Sky-Watcher Heritage-114P Newtonian telescope is equipped with an excellent, parabolic mirror optics and thus offers high performance in the astronomical observation of the moon and planets, but also deep-sky objects. The Telescope Mount: The Sky-Watcher Virtuoso™ mount is a stable platform that automatically tracks objects in the night sky once they are set in the telescope. The telescope can be moved automatically at 5 different speeds in both axes using the electronic control panel. A great idea is the Virtuoso™’s patented “Freedom-Find” double-encoder technology, which allows the telescope to be moved in both axes without losing position data. This gives the user great freedom and convenience during observing sessions. The Virutoso™ mount can also be retrofitted with a SynScan™ AZ GoTo Set with GoTo and then allows it to automatically find over 42,900 objects from its built-in database. In addition to these fantastic possibilities for astronomy, the Virtuoso™ also has many more for photography: Camera Pan: Automatically take pictures at up to 6 preset positions with your DSLR camera. The mount will automatically stop at the positions and trigger the camera. A Canon-D shutter release cable is included, other cables are available from Sky-Watcher. Pan head for video / time-lapse photography: The telescope mount can automatically pan the camera through up to 6 preset positions without pausing in between. Up to 5 speeds can be selected for this. Panorama / Matrix Photography: The mount can control a DSLR camera over large panoramas of up to 360°. Scope of delivery: 114mm Newtonian telescope Virtuoso™ mount Red dot viewfinder Eyepieces: 10mm & 25mm L-holder Canon-D remote release cable Power supply and batteries are not included in the scope of delivery!

Shipping weight : 8.4kg

size 35x35x59cm
Type Newtonian / reflecting telescope
Focal length (mm) 500
Opening (mm) 114
Aperture f:4.4
Focuser 1.25”
Tube weight (kg) 1.50
Type Azimuthal table Dobsonian mount with motorized tracking
Max. Visual payload (kg) 4.00
Total mount weight (kg) 3.50

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