Skywatcher Telescope Astrolux

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Skywatcher 76mm (3″) F/700 Newton mirror telescope with AZ1 mount

The telescope optics: The highly recommended Skywatcher Astrolux Newtonian telescope allows young amateur astronomers to take their first steps into the fascinating world of astronomy. It differs from most other beginner telescopes of this type on the market by being better equipped with 1.25″ eyepieces (instead of small 0.96″ eyepieces), and these were specially selected to avoid unnecessarily high and pointless magnifications. The telescope mount: The azimuthal mount allows the telescope to be moved freely horizontally and vertically, but also to be precisely adjusted in height with fine adjustments. Recommended observation objects are the moon, stars and bright planets, but also other objects in the night sky. Scope of delivery: 76mm Newtonian telescope Sky-Watcher AZ1 mount 6×24 viewfinder Eyepieces: 10mm & 25mm 2x Barlow lens Aluminum tripod with storage plate! Power supply and batteries are not included in the scope of delivery!

Shipping weight 7kg
Shipping size 100×32.5×26.5cm
Design Newtonian / Reflecting Telescope
Focal length (mm) 700
Aperture (mm) 76
Focal ratio Q:9.2
Focuser 1.25″
Tube weight (kg) 1.20
Type Azimuthal manual mount
Max. Visual payload (kg) 1.50
Total mount weight (kg) 2.00

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