Skywatcher Telescope Skyliner 300P FlexTube Dobsonian

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Skywatcher 305mm (12″) F/1500 truss Dobsonian telescope with paroblic mirror

The telescope optics: The Sky-Watcher Skyliner-300P Flextube Dobsonian telescope contains a 305mm parabolic Newtonian mirror optics. With the large aperture, it is very well suited to observing weaker deep sky objects in high resolution and contrast. But planets, the moon and all other objects in the night sky are also great fun. The telescope mount: The combination of the performance of the large optical tube with the particularly easy to transport, patented, collapsible Sky-Watcher FlexTube design allows you to use a powerful Newtonian telescope anywhere. Dobsonian telescopes have an incredibly good price-performance ratio. The Dobsonian telescope mount was introduced by John Dobson in the 1970’s and is a simple but efficient method of mounting a Newtonian telescope in azimuth. It is quick and easy to set up and allows movement in altitude and azimuth. The secret of the mount is the exact balance of the telescope and the use of special materials for friction that allow easy, gentle movement and keep the telescope safe when stationary. This mount was designed to be moved by hand. Sky-Watcher Dobsonian telescopes offer excellent performance for astronomical observation of the moon, planets and deep sky objects such as galaxies and nebulae. Scope of delivery: 305mm Flextube Newton telescope tube Dobsonian mount with accessory tray 2″ Crayford focuser, 1.25″ adapter and camera connection 9×50 viewfinder eyepieces: 10mm & 25mm! Power supply and batteries are not included in the scope of delivery!


weight 49.5kg
Shipping size 105x54x55cm / 76x73x12.5cm
Type Newton / reflecting telescope
Focal length (mm) 1500
Opening (mm) 305
Focal ratio f:4.92
focuser 2”
Tube weight (kg) 20.70
Type Azimuth Dobsonian mount
Total mount weight (kg) 18.00

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