Skywatcher EQ8 Pro SynScan Equatorial Telescope Mount

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Skywatcher Extra Heavy Computerized Equatorial GoTo Telescope Mount (Mount Head Without Tripod)

FreedomFind™ Technology An interesting new technology is the patented double encoder built into the Skywatcher EQ8 telescope mount. Auxiliary encoders are mounted on the two axes RA and DEC. These allow the telescope to be moved manually after the clutches have been released, or electrically without the mount losing its position data. After the mount has been aligned to a new object, it will automatically track it again. This gives the observer enormous freedom and more convenience and flexibility during observing sessions. Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) The EQ8 is equipped with an index on the worm shaft of the RA axis. After a successful PEC training, in which the training data was permanently stored in the motor controller, the user can start a PEC training at any time to improve the accuracy of the tracking for astrophotography with short focal lengths. A new training process at the next observing session is not required if polar alignment is performed accurately as it is permanent periodic error correction (PPEC). Furthermore, the user can train the mount for manual guiding and autoguiding. Auto-Home Function The EQ8 is equipped with two sensors for the home position. When working with the SynScan hand control box, the mount can always be aligned to the same “home position” after the power supply has been switched on. Batch exposure function The EQ8 is equipped with a remote release socket for triggering a camera. With the camera control function of the SynScan hand control box, exposure series can be controlled during astrophotography. Up to 8 groups of exposure time / image number combinations can be saved. Scope of delivery: EQ8 mount SynScan hand control box/cable 2 pieces 10kg counterweights! Power supply and batteries are not included!


weight 72.3kg
Shipping size 66x72x56cm / 2 pieces 25x13x26cm
Type : Equatorial motorized mount
GoTo: yes
Max. Visual payload (kg) 50.00
Total mount weight (kg) 47.60

Deliveries over the festive period

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