Telescope flip mirror star diagonal

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Telescope star diagonal for simultaneous connection of camera and eyepiece or 2 eyepieces

From OVL for convenient CCD photography with your telescope. The unit has a 1.25″ barrel with an integrated standard filter thread on one side for attaching to the telescope and a T2x0.75″ thread on the other side for attaching a CCD camera. A 1.25″ helical focuser eyepiece port is located on top for visual observation. In visual mode, the internal lever-operated mirror is at a 45° angle to redirect light to the eyepiece for easy focus or field of view In recording mode, the mirror is folded out of the beam path and the light hits the camera directly. An adapter for attaching cameras with a 1.25″ connection is available separately. (Prod. Code 20287) Attention: You need 80mm additional back focus from the normal focus position to compensate for the light path of the Flip Mirror! Scope of delivery: Flip Mirror !Power supply and batteries are not included!


weight 0.375kg

size 15×13.5×7.5cm
Type Flip Mirror star diagonal
Connection 1.25″ and T2

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