Skywatcher 45° telescope Amici prism

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Skywatcher 1.25″ telescope Amici prism for upright and right side view 45°

The Skywatcher 45 degree telescope Amici Prisma with 1.25″ sockets is perfect for observing terrestrial objects, such as birds during the day. The 45° view makes it possible to easily observe higher objects. You see the objects in the eyepiece upright and on the right side and have the usual orientation. Scope of delivery: 1.25″ 45° Amici prism dust protection caps! Power supply and batteries are not included in the scope of delivery!


weight 0.141kg

size 11x7x5cm
Type Amici prism 45°
Connection 1.25″

Deliveries over the festive period

jupiter planet gas giant

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