Baader Four-in-One Adapter 2″ M68/2 /M68

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Combo of 2″ eyepiece clamp with four connection threads.
The adapter offers a very robust 2″ clamp for the following
M60 thread (for Vixen devices)
M68 thread (for the M68 system from Baader and on Zeiss)
2.7″ thread (for Astro Physics refractors)
M56 internal thread (for Celestron / Skywatcher / Orion refractors).
Thread on the telescope side: M60, M68, 2.7″ (outside) and M56 (inside)
Eyepiece side: 2″ plug inside – clamping with 2 screws with clamping ring
Thread on eyepiece side: M68
Optically effective ways on 2″:
From the M56 thread – 27mm
M60 thread out – 25mm
2.7″ thread out – 12mm (if you remove the M68 ring)
From the M68 thread – 18mm

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