Celestron moon filter kit 4 pieces 1.25"

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Three ND filters 0.3/50%, 0.6/25% and 0.9/13% and a Moon & Sky
Glow filters allow you to find the perfect filter for your
to choose visibility.
The Sky Glow Filter offers a high-contrast view of the
lunar surface and improves observation of deep sky objects
in a light-polluted sky.
Including case and moon map.
The Moon & Sky Glow Filter selectively reduces light transmission
at different wavelengths and improves the contrast for the
observation of the moon significantly. This filter gives the moon
a very light violet color.
For a light polluted sky, the Moon & Sky Glow Filter offers
some contrast enhancement when viewing deep sky
objects because the filter blocks some wavelengths associated with
common forms of light pollution, e.g. sodium
low-pressure street lamps.

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