Zenith Laboratory Microscope Microlab-1000BSP




Zenith Microlab-1000BSP Binocular Laboratory Microscope

CHF 625.95


The Zenith Microlab-1000BSP microscope is a full-fledged standard laboratory microscope in a modern, ergonomic design, robust, durable design and with high optical performance. Ideal for use in schools, universities and professional laboratories across a wide range of applications, such as biological, medical, veterinary, bacteriological and agricultural. The microns of the Microlab-1000 series are available in 4 different versions with different observation heads and lenses. The Zenith Microlab-1000BSP microscope is equipped with a silk pot binocular head and plan-achromatic flatfield lenses. Scope of delivery: Microscope cover ! Power supply and batteries are not included!