Celestron RASA Rowe-Ackermann 36cm, 14″

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Focal length 790mm, f:2.2
Weight: 34kg
Rowe-Ackerman Schmidt Astrograph (RASA)
It offers unprecedented value in terms of aperture,
Speed, field of view and optical performance.
The result is images that are free from optical defects such as
Field curvature, coma and astigmatism are.
The 36 cm version is the largest and fastest (f/2.2) optical
Telescope available “off the shelf”.
Unlike most telescopes that only use visible light
focus (400-700 nm), the RASA 36 cm focuses an extended
spectral range (400-900 nm) so that a brighter signal from
Camera sensor can be detected. The RASA 36 cm also has
a newly developed focusing system that is simple and stable
focus guaranteed.
Weight: 34kg
Length: 108cm
Focal Length: 790mm
Back Focus: 77.5mm
Field of view: 60.1 mm Ø 4.3°
Usable: 70 mm

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