Celestron RASA Rowe-Ackermann 203mm, 8″

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Focal length 400mm, f:2.0
Weight: 7.7kg
This optic is the compact new specialist for the mobile
Astrophotography by Celestron. This incredibly fast f/2.0
System is the perfect complement to today’s astronomical
CMOS color cameras, smaller CCD cameras and mirrorless cameras.
The 8″ RASA uses a new focusing design that
Play in the primary mirror when focusing, panning or tracking
of the telescope is reduced. Focusing is easier, more accurate and
more stable than ever. The key to this ultra stable
Focusing system are two sets of precision bearings that during
be precisely aligned and tested during assembly.
– The RASA 8″ allows the use of inexpensive small
Mounts such as the AVX without autoguiding.
– The focal length is ideal for the most beautiful, brightest celestial objects
(Andromeda Nebula, Orion Nebula, etc.).
– The RASA is very easy to use: screw on the camera,
focus, done.
Weight: 7.7kg
Length: 62cm
Focal Length: 400mm
Back Focus: 29mm
Field of view: 22 mm Ø 3.15°
Usable: 32mm

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