Celestron StarSense Explorer Dobsonian 10″

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It couldn’t be easier – Celestron has the sky observation
With the Celestron StarSense Explorer telescope and the great app
you do not need any prior knowledge of astronomy, alignment or
the rotation of the earth more.
Simply set up the telescope, mount the mobile phone, start the app,
select and observe the target.
The application of these telescopes and the app is very
user-friendly. First the app on the smartphone
Installed. The smartphone is then used during observation in
the special mount used on the telescope. The camera of
Smartphone scans the starry sky and gives the direction in real time
with arrows to which the telescope should be slewed. Is the
position is reached, the cross hairs light up green and the desired one
Goal; Moon, stars or constellations can be observed in the eyepiece
Dobsonian mount with 10″ (254mm) Newton reflector with 1200mm
focal length.
Aperture f/4.7
Supplied with a 25mm eyepiece. Magnification = 48x
Weight optics: 13.24 kg.
Weight mount: 11.60 kg.
Total weight: 24.86 kg.
Dimension optics: 1117.6 x 292.1 mm
Dimensions mount: 673.1 x 533.4 x 533.4 mm

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