Celestron Dew Heater Ring, 11″

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Heating ring 11″ for dew protection.
The dew heater ring replaces the plastic retaining ring on your Schmidt
optics and ensures efficient heating of the entire optics.
The ring is made of lightweight, durable aluminum.
Unlike other heating tapes or strips that heat the lens
heat inefficiently, the Celestron dew-heating ring heats that
corrector lens directly, providing the most efficient heat transfer,
to prevent the formation of dew.
Connect the ring to an external 12V DC power source.
The dew heater ring has two clips to hold the power and
Keep thermistor sockets safe when not in use and at the same time
the dust cover of the telescope.
The Dew Heater Ring also comes with a cord clip that comes with
connected to the front ring of the telescope.
The dew heater ring comes complete with:
– Dew heater ring
– Cable clip
– Extension cord for power connection

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