Baader VarioFinder 10×60 45°

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Vario finder 10×60, astro lens, 45° view with upright
field of view, 25mm viewfinder eyepiece with illuminated measuring crosshairs; optional
can be used as a guide scope and as a 60mm spotting scope, incl. equalizer
Dovetail / Photo Tripod Adapter.
The Baader 60mm VARIO Finder is a real all-rounder. This
Referring to the telescope simply as a “viewfinder” becomes this telescope
really not fair. The high-quality 2-element astro lens with
60mm opening and the flexible connections offer much more
Possibilities. This means that the space on your telescope is used optimally.
The Baader VARIO Finder has the practical T2 connection and
1.25″ connector. With it you can, apart from cameras, also use 1.25″
Fasten star diagonal and Amici prisms. The finder lets itself
from the straight-sighted telescope to the telescope within a few minutes
convert to a comfortable angle view, depending on the desired application.

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