Baader UHC-S/L Booster Filter, 36mm

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Baader UHC-S/L Booster Filter 36mm with Low Profile Filter Cell
The Baader UHC filter enables observation and also the
Photography of faint nebulae also from the vicinity of cities.
The unwanted stray light caused by the nocturnal
Lighting is filtered out and the light of foggy objects
passed almost unhindered.
The UHC filter is optically polished for the highest imaging quality.
The UHC S filter from Baader can be used on almost all devices
be used. Especially with devices with a smaller aperture are good
Achieving success because the filter is a bit broader. Also
Astrophotography is very well possible with the filter.
Plano-optically polished surfaces, filter substrate 2mm thick,
hard paid.

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