Baader T2/ 1 ¼” click lock #8

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Baader 1.25 inch eyepiece clamp ClickLock – T2 to 1.25 inch. Click lock
Eyepiece clamp 1¼” (with built-in diopter fine adjustment).
The Baader 1.25″ ClickLock is a custom-fit, very solid
eyepiece clamp. Inserted eyepieces/CCD cameras etc. are seated
twist-proof and are still not scratched.
With a small twist, each eyepiece is clamped firmly
Adapter fits any T2 external thread and is particularly easy
to mount. Slightly loosen the clamp and twist it
front ring, thereby slide the eyepiece or adapter
minimally forwards or backwards. The adjustment is ultra-precise – only 0.9
mm per 360° rotation. With this you achieve a perfect
Focusing even with extreme systems. The adjustment is too
possible with gloves.
Telescope side: T2 (M42x0.75) thread
Eyepiece side: 1.25″ connector

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