Baader T2/1 ¼”-31.7mm barrel #14

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1.25″ barrel to T2 (same part as SBIG cameras).
The Baader adapter fits into any 1.25″ receptacle and has on the
Camera side a T-2 external thread. With it you can use any cameras
adapt via the T-2 connection. The T2 (M-42×0.75 mm) thread
enables problem-free adaptation of all commercially available cameras
the T-2 ring.
The adapter has a screw-in thread for 1.25″ filters at the base.
This allows you to use color filters, gray filters and nebula filters
Use contrast enhancement.
The adapter also has an extra thread for the Baader Glasweg
proofreaders. With the adapter you can connect any bino with a T2 connection
1.25″ focusers adapt and also have the option of glass travel
Baader correctors should be used.

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