Baader SC eyepiece adapter 2″

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SC-Deluxe 2″ eyepiece clamp with integrated 2″ eyepiece filter holder #17
The adapter comes directly over the SC thread (2″ thread) and
enables the direct connection of 2″ accessories to the Schmidt
Cassegrain. The clamping of the 2″ adapter goes over two large ones
Thumbscrews that solidly attach the 2″ accessory via a clamp ring
fix. In this way, you achieve a very robust clamp, which can also be
Gloves are easy to operate.
You have full illumination with the adapter. You have the
Possibility of bringing a nebula filter into the beam path and
can then change eyepieces or star diagonals without constantly changing the
Having to screw the filter in and out.
If you screw in the Baader IR/UV blocking filter, you have one
effective protection of the telescope from dust. Your Maksutov or Schmidt
Cassegrain becomes a closed system.
Length: 53mm

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