Baader reducing sleeve 2″/ 1¼” #15

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Reducer 2″/1¼” (incl. T-2 thread on both sides and M48/2″
filter thread and brass clamping ring and 2 clamping screws).
The adapter has a T2 internal thread on the telescope side. This allows you
use extensive adaptations. For example, it is very popular
Use of the Alan Gee – Tele Compressor, which you can use with an auxiliary ring
can be fixed to the T2 thread. But also the Glasweg correctors from
Baader can be fixed via the M34 thread. This is how it becomes
Adapter either a reducer or a converter with 2″
Telescope side: 2″ plug with locking groove
Auxiliary thread on the telescope side: M48 – 2″ filter thread inside / T2 thread
inside / M34 thread inside
Eyepiece side: 1.25″ plug with ring clamp over 2 screws
Auxiliary thread on the eyepiece side: T2 external thread
Optically effective overall length: 14mm
Total length: 37mm

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