Baader Pushfix 2″/1¼” adapter

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Pushfix – reduction from 2″ to 1.25″ for Newtonian focuser / 1mm
optical length.
As usual, with side clamping screw and brass clamping ring. the
is used if you have a 2″ focuser with a side groove,
such as the Baader Steeltrack excerpts. But if you don’t have one
Once you have moved out, you can unscrew the clamping screw on the side and
access two more clamping options.
A countersunk grub screw for permanent clamping on the brass
clamping ring.
Three pressure screws 120° apart, set by the user
that, for example, an eyepiece under slight pressure
can be inserted and changed without operating a clamping screw
have to.

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