Baader OPFA-2 2″ adapter

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– OPFA II – Connection on the telescope side: for plugging into every 2″
Focusers, with safety groove in the 2″ barrel, with
Filter thread for 2″ color and nebula filters!
– Delivery WITHOUT projection eyepiece!
– For photography with digital and/or analogue SLR cameras
with detachable lens
– Consisting of basic version OPFA (individual parts see OPFA IV) and
telescope side with 2″ receptacle (#2408150)
OPFA 2″ – variable projection adapter – 2″ connection.
It is enough to image lunar craters and planets with high resolution
usually the focal length of the telescope is not enough, it has to be extended
will. The OPFA adapter brings the eyepiece into the beam path and
also provides the connection to the telescope and the T2 ring of the
camera here.
The OPFA accepts eyepieces with a maximum housing diameter of
38mm on. Plössl eyepieces and orthoscopic eyepieces are particularly good
suitable. The usual focal length range is between 6mm and 15mm.
The OPFA system can be completely unscrewed. Push
simply place the eyepiece in the sliding focuser and fix it with it
the knurled screw. Then screw the two T2 sleeves again
up and the OPFA is ready for use. On the
You can even fine-tune the shifting mechanism
achieve magnification. The further away the camera is from the eyepiece,
the greater the post-magnification.

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