Baader Neodymium Filter 1¼”

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Neodymium moon & skyglow filter with integrated IR blocker and PG
– The best visual and photographic filter to increase contrast
for all telescopes, without loss of image brightness.
– The effect of the element neodymium as a filter material is very
impressive. As an admixture to optical glass, it increases
Contrasts, enhances the red color component in the image (especially with
Mars and Jupiter) and at the same time it darkens that one at night
spectral range, which suffers particularly from street lamp light,
and the one most responsible for the nocturnal “skyglow”.
– Plano optically polished and MC anti-reflective; can without any
Loss of sharpness as a single filter in front of a binocular or for afocals
Projection used with digital cameras (far from the focal point!).
– When used with DSLR cameras, stars become much sharper
shown because the IR spectral range is blocked

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