Baader laser colli Mark III

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Laser class 2
This device is a service item and may only be used for
collimation of telescope optics.
Does not fall under the implementation of the V-NISSG!
– Laser collimator to easily collimate your telescope in 1-2
– High-quality, shock-proof laser, adjusted with high precision
hidden adjusting screws
– Precision machined, hard anodized barrel
– Grip protection made of silicone rubber makes handling easier
– Suitable for Newtonian and SC telescopes, instructions included
Newtonian reflecting telescopes are generally considered to be prone to
Decollimation – especially if they are often in the trunk of a car
be transported. If you are one of those observers, you should
Laser Colli belong to the basic accessories of the telescope. With some practice
and a little preparatory work is the telescope in a minute or two
cleanly re-collimated.

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