Baader eyepiece 6mm Classic Ortho 1¼”

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Baader 1.25″ Classic Ortho 6mm (HT-mc) eyepiece – original Zeiss Ortho
Construction. We recommend the Classic Orthos from Baader to everyone
Observers who value an image that is as bright as possible with optimal
Focus on the axis. The eyepieces are particularly suitable for
Planetary Observation and Photography (Ocular Projection Binary Star
observation but also the observation of deep-sky objects, where it
does not depend on a large field. Classic orthoscopic
Eyepiece construction acc. the construction of Ernst Abbe, completely
distortion-free image, 1.25″ receptacle without locking groove. the
Baader Classic Orthoscopic eyepieces are parfocal – one adjust
the sharpness is not necessary.
Focal length: 6mm
Insertion diameter: 1.25″ without locking groove
Apparent field of view: 52°
Field stop diameter: 5mm
Eye relief: 5mm
Weight: 37g

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