Baader DT ring SP54/M43

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– The Hyperion DT rings are optimized for the shortest distance
between the eyepiece lens and the digital camera lens.
– This is the only way to achieve vignetting-free image illumination
– 1x adjusting ring made of hard plastic for the SP54 thread is included
included with every Hyperion DT ring free of charge.
– With the adjustment rings, each only 1 mm thick, small
Fine-tune height tolerances to still accommodate the camera lens
without the help of an extension ring as close as possible to the
connect the eyepiece
Be careful when installing your camera! It may happen that a
Camera objective lens a few tenths of a millimeter too close to the top one
lens of the Hyperion eyepiece. Go to the monage of
Hyperion eyepieces to a camera lens with great care
and use if necessary the additional adjustment rings.

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