Baader Bino tripod adapter Stronghold

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Robust and torsion-resistant binocular mount (tripod adapter).
4 mm thick steel (no plastic, no aluminium).
Allows for less solid than many L-brackets
Materials the wobble-free mounting of binoculars (with ¼” thread
in the binocular bridge) to any tripod with a ¼” photo thread.
The design made of high-strength steel allows a particularly slim design
Design where it is necessary to keep small eye reliefs at each
to adjust binoculars. The otherwise commercially available “L-
Brackets” made of aluminum are available for many binoculars in the area of
housing too wide.
Excellent in combination with the SkySurfer III
Red dot finder, as well as e.g. the Celestron SkyMaster 15×70 binoculars

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