Baader ADPS III – SC-T

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Afocal digital projection system ADPS III – with SC-T adapter
The ADPS (= Afocal Digital Projection System) projection system
is very similar to the Baader OPFA system for DSLR
SLR cameras – only the distances from the projection eyepiece to the
The lens of a digital camera can be precisely adjusted in a much shorter time!
Ocular projection (so-called afocal projection) in connection with digital
Cameras requires a much more sensitive tunability of all
mechanical distances than with the classic eyepiece projection
DSLR 35mm cameras where the lens is detached from the camera body
can be.
Our ADPS projection system is consistent with a very fine
stepped series of spacers (and a T2 lock ring)
equipped to connect absolutely all conceivable 1¼” eyepieces (max.
eyepiece outer diameter = 38 mm) to be able to be adjusted, so that
the lens of the eyepiece as close as possible to the first
Lens of the camera lens can be positioned! Only this exact one
Adaptability allows for an unvignetted, sharp image.

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