Baader 2″Click-Lock SC/HD C 5 – 9 1/4″

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For 8, 9¼ and many more SC telescopes
Baader 2″ KlickLock clamp for Schmidt Cassegrains. Adaptation to 2″
with KlickLock clamping
Telescope side – SC connection, suitable for all Schmidt Cassegrains
and Maksutovs with SC thread connection C8, C9 1/4, Meade Schmidt
Cassegrains, Maksutovs with SC connection.
The adapter is ideal for individual adaptations for
suitable for astrophotography. You can take it to the Edge HD telescopes, for example
the 2″ SC thread optimally attach your adapter and exactly the
set correct distance. The height of the adapter is 47.2mm.

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