Baader 2″ click lock extension 47mm

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Baader 2″ extension sleeve 47 mm. Adaptation to 2″ with KlickLock
clamping. Without exerting any force, operate the rotary lever of the
KlickLock mechanism’ and thus clamp a 2″ star diagonal
eyepiece or a 2″ adapter exactly on the optical axis. the
KlickLock clamping distributes the pressure evenly on the housing wall
and thus does not stress the adapter or eyepiece as much.
Telescope side: 2″ barrel with filter thread
Eyepiece side: 2″ barrel with 36 mm insertion depth
Overall length: 47mm (the 2″ receptacle does not count because it is in the
pull-out opening disappears)
Weight: 187g

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