Skywatcher Telescope Evostar 90 AZ Pronto

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Skywatcher telescope refractor Evostar 90 with Azimuth AZ Pronto mount

The ideal, uncomplicated telescope mount to always have with you for astronomy and nature observation in a set with the compact Evostar 90 refractor telescope and an Amici prism, which also makes nature observation possible. The Skywatcher AZ Pronto mount is a very light and portable alt-azimuth mount made of solid cast aluminum for small telescopes up to 3 kg that are equipped with a Vixen / Skywatcher standard dovetail rail. The extendable aluminum tripod legs can be fixed at any height with the built-in quick clamps. The mount is equipped with 2 flexible shafts that allow sensitive adjustment in horizontal and vertical directions. The shafts can each be mounted on either side to provide a comfortable position, depending on whether you have a refractor or reflecting telescope mounted. You can also swivel the telescope directly, allowing you to locate an object more quickly. You can then easily track objects with the flexible shafts. You can use this very comfortable and high-quality, easily transportable mount for both terrestrial observation and astronomy. The Skywatcher Evostar 90 refractor is a classic two-lens air-spaced achromat. With its long focal length, it enables crisp, high-contrast images for detailed observation of the moon, planets and other objects in our solar system. Scope of delivery: Azimuthal AZ Pronto mount head Extension column 2 flexible shafts Aluminum tripod Evostar 90 refractor telescope 6×30 finder scope 1.25″ Amici prism 10 mm & 25 mm eyepiece! Power supply and batteries are not included!



TypeAchromat / lens telescope
Focal length (mm)900
Opening (mm)90
Focuser1.25″ rack and pinion focuser
Tube weight (kg)2.40
TypeAzimuth manual mount
Max. Payload visual (kg)3.00
Max. Photographic load (kg)3.00
Total mount weight (kg)3.85

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