Skywatcher Telescope Explorer 130PS AZ-EQ Avant

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Skywatcher Newtonian Telescope Explorer 130PS with azimuthal – equatorial AZ-EQ Avant mount

The ideal telescope to always have with you, with the new, versatile azimuthal and equatorial mount! With the high-quality 130mm large, excellent parabolic mirror, the Explorer 130PS is a powerful all-rounder for observing the moon and bright planets, but also deep-sky objects such as nebulae, galaxies and star clusters. The precisely manufactured and easy-to-use AZ-EQ Avant mount offers excellent stability and precise control in altazimuth and equatorial modes with its two fine adjustments. The control knobs can be mounted on both sides of the RA and DEC axis for convenient operation Scope of delivery: AZ-EQ Avant mount head extension column counterweight 2.35kg aluminum tripod with accessory tray Explorer 130PS Newtonian telescope red light viewfinder 10 mm & 25 mm eyepiece ! Power supply and batteries are not included!

Shipping weight: 14.00kg
Shipping size: 96x51x27cm
Type Newtonian / reflecting telescope
Focal Length (mm) 650
Aperture (mm) 130
Aperture ratio f:5.0
Focuser 1.25″ Rack and pinion focuser
Tube weight (kg) 2.70
Type : Azimuthal / Equatorial mount manual
Max. Visual payload (kg) 3.00
Total mount weight (kg) 6.30

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