Celestron NexYZ DX Smartphone Adapt.Kit

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Universal smartphone adapter. This allows you to connect your cell phone to your
Connect a telescope, spotting scope, binoculars, monocular or microscope, see above
that you can take pictures and videos through the eyepiece.
Works with a wide variety of phone models, including the
latest devices from Samsung, Google and Apple.
The adjustment is made in three directions (X, Y and Z axis),
so that your phone’s camera is perfectly focused on it in a matter of seconds
eyepiece is aligned.
Sturdy, durable construction with metal frame and
plastic housing.
Additionally with BlueTooth control. Connect the
Remote shutter via Bluetooth with your phone to avoid unwanted
Vibrations to take photos or start/stop video recordings.
Both devices work with practically all smartphone models,
including the latest devices from Apple, Samsung and Google.

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