16mm ExtraFlat Telescope Wide Angle™ Eyepiece 1.25″

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Distortion-free imaging over the entire field of view

The exotic 1.25″ ExtraFlat™ telescope eyepiece design from OVL combines high quality with a surprisingly compact design. The optical designer has successfully removed the peripheral field curvature so that you can enjoy a flat, distortion-free image right up to the edge of the field of view. The optical performance convinces with excellent sharpness, high contrast and good color reproduction. The eyepieces have oversized eye-side lenses for the widest possible field of view and a large 17mm eye relief for spectacle wearers. The adjustable eyecups allow a comfortable view. All lenses have a broadband multi-layer coating and blackened lens edges. The eyepieces are parfocal. The housing is made of high-gloss, black anodized aluminum with wide rubber grip rings. The receptacle is equipped with a thread for 1.25″ filters. Scope of delivery: 16mm eyepiece with 1.25″ receptacle dust caps! Power supply and batteries are not included!

Shipping weight: 0.173kg
Shipping size: 9x6x6cm
Type : Wide Angle Eyepiece
Focal length (mm) 16
Self-visual field (°) 60
Connection 1.25″
Remuneration Broadband Multi-shift remuneration

Deliveries over the festive period

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